Police services

Organizational Assessment

Our customized Organizational Assessments Services are performed by experienced law enforcement professionals utilizing their extensive knowledge of modern police practices and the application of nationally recognized best practices for law enforcement agencies.

A complete organizational assessment would cover numerous areas such as facilities, staffing and scheduling, fiscal management, equipment, personnel practices, training, communications, use of technology, policies and procedures, and much more.

Our assessments are comprehensive and inclusive enough to:

Police services
  • Identify major issues and concerns of local officials and the community regarding the operations of the police department.

  • Gain an understanding of the predominant perception of the police department’s operations within the community.

  • Achieve an understanding and appreciation of the values and “personality” of the municipality, the police agency and the local government.

  • Provide a comprehensive study of the operations, practices and staffing at the police department.

  • Organizational assessments are conducted with the purpose of providing for the Chief and Town/City Administrators the information necessary to plan for the future and maximize the delivery of police services to the community they serve.