Police services

Policies and Procedures

In today’s litigious society, state and local governments are exposed to a myriad of lawsuits arising from the actions or inactions of their law-enforcement personnel. Developing, maintaining, and revising a police department’s operations manual is a monumental undertaking. A well-written policy and procedure manual serves as the foundation for a professional law enforcement agency.

Does your policy and procedure manual protect YOUR agency?

Police services
  • The manual should be comprehensive written document, providing staff with direction and guidance for all aspects of the department’s operations.

  • The manual should be clearly written, up to date and easy to use.

  • The manual should be consistent with and mirror the organizational philosophy, legal requirements and applicable standards.

  • Staff should be involved in the development of the manual and kept informed of any changes.

  • The manual should be considered a living document. Routine inspections and reviews should be completed to ensure compliance with its directives so that the manual remains current.

  • The manual should reflect and incorporate accepted state and national best practices.

  • A policy and procedure manual represents more than a goal oriented planning tool that can protect officers, managers, and municipalities. A policy manual represents an overall action plan or blueprint for all agency personnel to follow.

    Policies also serve as a powerful communication tool. Policies and procedures can inform department personnel of their responsibilities, outline acceptable procedures to follow, establish general performance standards, and create consistency among employees in carrying out their numerous tasks. Department’s staff can be assured their operations are in compliance with current standards. It will ensure staff acts in a consistent, professional and legal manner. It will also ensure department staff is prepared for unusual circumstances and the correct course of action is identified.

    Developing and implementing a detailed, comprehensive manual, distributing it to every employee, and keeping it current allows every person in the police department to make decisions and perform their jobs consistently and professionally.